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Consulting Services, Event Planning and Management, Humanities Research, Professional Training, Publishing Services


12.06.2018_Prof. Dr. Melania Canavan, MCI Founder & CEO - press release

" (...) At every business meeting, networking event etc., we have been asked for the release of a statement which could identify the nature of the MCI activities. We believe that a company with no history is an enterprise destined to fail. However histories are more complex than one could think as their protagonists are the People who often change their views and purposes. “Change is inevitable, growth is a choice”: this is something we often like to quote to our Customers. There is always a possibility to improve, in all aspects of life, from personal to business development and over. And it is only by chasing perfection that we can catch excellence. Another brilliant quote. Excellence is what we are willing and committing to deliver in the event management and training sectors which need innovated, inspired by a different approach that does not leave anything unexplored or behind". You will never hear from us: “no, we don’t do that”, “it is not our competence” and “we can offer you this but not that”… We are more an intelligence team than a consultancy agency or management business, practical problem solvers, who refuse to say “no”, who work hard to satisfy any customer’s need because we are conscious that realizing an idea, a project, a dream of change, cannot admit compromises. I am not a woman of compromise nor will I ever be. I will never be content to cope with business requests, my clients wont’ be simply satisfied, they need to be amazed, bewitched. There is seriously no other way to do enterprise, to give our contribution for the better. As there is no other purpose in life, than showing off what being human truly means. We are different, unique. And we are free. Knowledge makes us free.

We can change History, starting from our own. I am a University Professor in Italy, my birth Country and a therapist. After falling in love with a brilliant Irish man, I moved to the UK where I set up my own business by registering the MC International project as a Company. We started with delivering professional education for those candidates on the British Horse Society Horsemanship pathway. The project involved a few European Sport realities, local governments, facilities and media. Logistics and translation were our first sale package in Great Britain. Previously we had been organising weddings for people willing to marry abroad. We also managed to introduce a very exclusive e-procurement service which permitted to our customers, mostly artisans or small business owners, to have access to the global market for their purchases with all the advantages of a more varied supplier list and the added bonus of paying in another currency​. I changed my own life as a person and as a professional and by pursuing the MCI mission I am going to change the lives of those who do not simply want to try another path but truly wish to find a chance of growth and improvement, a chance of freedom. (...) "  


Check back here regularly to find out what's going on at MC INTERNATIONAL EVENTS PLANNING LIMITED.

19.06.2018_What's new?  Find Us listed on the British Council Schools Online website. The United Kingdom's international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. #CreatingOpportunityWorldwide


16.06.2018_What's new?  What can MCI do for its BP Candidates? By virtue of the collaboration established with the prestigious IICT or International Institute for Complementary Therapists, based in Australia, our students, as well as having the opportunity to practice the profession anywhere in the world, just 12 months after enrollment (regulation in the programme), will benefit from an exceptional discount on membership and insurance coverage, already 1 year before graduation. All the benefits offered by IBPI&IICT, for only 1 dollar for the first year of registration! MC International Events & Training - Fight for Knowledge. Fight for Freedom.


16.06.2018_What's new?  MCI Global English Language & Culture School, questo uno dei tanti nuovi Progetti di scambio varati dalla nostra azienda: una Scuola, d'eccellenza, aperta 12 mesi l'anno, da svolgersi in Irlanda del Nord, per l'apprendimento della lingua Inglese attraverso un'esperienza didattica interattiva completa. Tutte le edizioni calendarizzate della ELCS sono a numero chiuso e tuttavia non è previsto alcun requisito d'accesso; i Corsi saranno tarati ed erogati sul livello effettivo di conoscenza/competenza linguistica di ciascun partecipante. Al termine del percorso, 7 giorni intensivi di studio ed attività, i candidati riceveranno un Diploma equivalente alla certificazione per la preparazione IELTS, i cui esami potranno sostenersi, previ accordi, presso la prestigiosa Queen's University di Belfast. Lo IELTS è l'unico test d'Inglese accettato in molte occacioni, a cominciare dall'impiego nel mondo del lavoro Internazionale. Un'offerta speciale è riservata agli studenti di nazionalità Italiana, di tutte le età!


15.06.2018_What's new?  We at MCI would like to let you know that starting from July we will acquire new offices in Belfast where a free information desk about our activities will be opened to public and made available weekly with no compulsory reservation.


15.06.2018_What's new?  We have made changes to our payment methods. From now on, it will be possible to pay the fees due in British, European and currencies other than these. Each of them has its own assigned iban. You can download the Biocentric Psychoanalysis Diploma Full Programme directly from the website.


15.06.2018_What's new?  We at MCI are working hard to implement our exclusive, modern and smart, multimedia e-learning platform. Soon, it will be possible to have access to all of our educational offers, from the comfort of your own home, with the additional tool of an internal social community network to share your new training adventures with students from all around the world! #beyondboundaries Just, keep following us and if you can, invite your contacts to like the MCI Facebook Page! Fight for Knowledge. Fight for Freedom.


14.06.2018_What's new? A new version of our privacy policy is available, as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May. The policy explains the types of personal information we collect, how we use it and how we keep it safe. It also tells you about your rights under data protection law. We hope it will answer any questions you have, but if not, please contact us.


13.06.2018_What's new? We at MCI would like to let you know that we are expanding the reach of our IBPI Project. You can now find us in the UK Private Schools Database - Section Northern Ireland, Postgraduate level higher education.


27.04.2018_What's new? The MCI Research Dep. deposited its own first trademark "I.B.P.I", a new private post-graduate School of specialization in the holistic psychotherapy defined as "Biopsysis". Join the MCI Facebook group IBPI - International Biocentric Psychoanalysis Institute® to find out more and follow all the updates. Lessons will start on the 5th November this year! Min 2 max 6 candidates/year. - For any additional information please check the website



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