Consulting Services, Event Planning and Management, Humanities Research, Professional Training, Publishing Services
Consulting Services, Event Planning and Management, Humanities Research, Professional Training, Publishing Services

"Success is never a product of Chaos"

Prof. Dr. M. A. Duca-Canavan

MCI Founder & CEO

"(...) We have registered our Company with three different strategic Sic codes: Management consultancy activities (different than financial)Research and experimental development on social sciences and humanitiesPost-graduate level higher education. What we wanted to create was something new, something which could have erased the old fashioned concept of event management, often too sectorial, lacking offers and so technically jeopardized, meaning that it could meet a client’s need only partially, delivering a “maimed” service, never “at the top”. We have done the same within the education & training sector where every learning experience is classified as an event itself. Events are not only festivals, concerts, parties of various kinds, weddings, meetings etc. Event is everything happening and involving a certain amount of people, a human capital which on all occasions needs valorised, not simply treated as a customer or consumer. This logic, which gradually became our exclusive approach, our distinctive flagship, is above the concept of a specific business and applicable, instead, to all markets themselves. (...)" - press release 15.06.18


Our specialists will assist you in the management and corporate governance of your business.


If you are a Client who is not a business, we will set up a different Audit to better learn about your needs and find out the best solution and realisation plan to work through together. 


We offer consultancy across a diverse range of industries and help you deliver fast, high quality results.


We are out of the box thinkers, in both cases: the business environment and the private clients' commissions. 

Legal Advice

Get legal and compliance advice for your business from our highly skilled team of professionals.


Legal advise is always a very precious additional tool, something to never forget nor underestimate in all cases, be it the event - we wish to organise - part of a business development strategy or any other occasion involving the interaction with law and country-related jurisdiction.



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